CMF by Nothing kicks off global expansion – here’s where you can buy their products

Nothing’s CMF sub-brand is leaving the United Kingdom as the company is rolling out its product range to 14 more countries around the world “to meet the increasing demand.” 

The full list can be found on the company’s official website. The countries include, but are not limited to, the United States, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil. This is just the start as Nothing has plans to grow the list to “over 26 countries by the end of the year.” The extra group of 9 features multiple European countries like Germany as well as Saudi Arabia. Sorry, Canada – it’s not your turn yet.

Be aware this is not a universal roll out as certain countries will not receive everything in CMF’s full repertoire. As an example, Australian customers can purchase the Buds Pro and the Watch Pro off AliExpress, but not the Power 65W GaN charger. It’s unknown why it’s unavailable there. Our best guess is because the prongs on the power brick are for American outlets and not Australian ones.

Speaking of the US, users there can buy all three on Amazon, according to the announcement. However, at the time of this writing, American customers cannot purchase the Watch Pro as it’s “currently unavailable” although the listing page is indeed live. 

Possible early launches

We did discover a discrepancy between the official announcement and what’s available online. The company claims people in select European countries can pre-order CMF devices right now with the shipping date set for sometime in December. However, when we checked we discovered that you can seemingly purchase them if you live in Spain, Italy, and France. The French listings, for whatever reason, are slightly more expensive. Amazon in other EU nations, such as Germany, did not have these listings.

We reached out to CMF with questions about the products launching in certain EU nations earlier than others and when people in the US will be able to buy the Watch Pro. This story will be updated at a later time.

Analysis: Brand dilution

Looking at this rapid expansion, we can’t help but wonder if it will only serve to dilute the brand. Think about it for a sec. Nothing, as in the company, exists with an air of mystery surrounding it and has been successful in drumming up hype for its hardware. There’s even a photograph of people lined around the block on CMF’s blog waiting for the opportunity to buy one of their products at the Soho store in London.

That is all changing, however. With CMF becoming more widespread, we fear its gadgets won’t get the same amount of fanfare as before. It also doesn’t help that they’re being sold on AliExpress, a shopping platform that, shall we say, has a dubious reputation.

Regardless of questionable websites, we always look forward to whatever Nothing is cooking up. The Nothing Phone (2), for instance, recently received Nothing OS 2.5 Beta 2 which introduces new features like the ability to integrate the rear Glyph light to Google Calendar in order to help you “keep track of your upcoming events.”

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